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Introducing the core group that started Forever Home Pet Cemetery. (left to right) Dan Bailey, Judy Conzo, Dennis Schrader, Marilyn Wheat, Mick Turner (Click image to enlarge view)

The Forever Home Pet Cemetery is located on the grounds of the Humane Society of Logan County at 1803 East Lincoln Parkway, in Lincoln. It was founded by a group of members who wanted to provide a final resting place for beloved pets and owners who wish to be with their pets, and contribute to the financial solvency of the HSLC.

We offer 3’ x 5’ plots, bronze and granite grave markers, urns, benches, and other memorial pieces. Plots can be purchased at the time of need, or pre-purchased. Each plot can hold up to four cremated remains, if desired. Burial plots are $250, each opening is $100. Costs of markers, urns and other items vary.


Our Gazebo and Scatter Garden

Our scatter garden offers an alternative to interment, where ashes can be scattered among the roses, and memorial stones may be placed. The gazebo is a site to hold services, celebrations and other gatherings.

For more information, please visit our website at foreverhomepetcemetery.org, call 217)732-4222, or email us at gro.y1414021972retem1414021972ectep1414021972emohr1414021972evero1414021972f@ofn1414021972i1414021972.

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Click here to visit our store to purchase cremation Jewelry, Urns, Pet Medals and grave markers.


Our “United Fur Ever” t-shirt campaign


Have you or someone you know mourned a pet’s death?

At the Humane Society of Logan County, we believe pets are family. To keep our no-kill shelter running, we have designed a t-shirt, United Fur-Ever, that tastefully conveys that cherished connection between pet parents and their pets. Click on the link to check out the T-Shirt design: https://www.booster.com/unitedfurever

Your support; will also assist in the launching of our Forever Home Pet Cemetery, which will allow pet and owner cremains to be buried together. Let us echo the sentiments throughout history where pets were treated as majestically as their human families in death!

An up-hill climb and fundraising go hand in hand, but sharing on social media can mean the difference between the bottom and reaching the top! Please share, share, share our campaign by forwarding this email, sending friends to https://www.booster.com/unitedfurever or “Share” our Facebook campaign link at: https://www.facebook.com/hslclincoln

SO, if our message or our cause, to sustain our shelter, resonates with you, purchase, donate & share! https://www.booster.com/unitedfurever

Thank you so much!

The Humane Society of Logan County & The Forever Home Pet Cemetery

PS. https://www.booster.com/unitedfurever provides more information regarding this campaign.