WELCOME to forever home pet cemetery



Introducing the core group that started
Forever Home Pet Cemetery.
(left to right) Dan Bailey, Judy Conzo, Dennis Schrader, Marilyn Wheat, Mick Turner
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Established in 2012, Forever Home Pet Cemetery is the final resting place for thousands of beloved pets.  We encourage everyone to visit Forever Home Pet Cemetery to enjoy the beautiful landscaping.  This beautifully landscaped area is more than just a final resting place for beloved pets.  Forever Home Pet Cemetery is a special place for pets only, to remember them and to recognize the love and companionship their lives have given us.

Cemetery Grounds Located

Forever Home Pet Cemetery is located on the grounds of the Humane Society of Logan County at 1803 E. Lincoln Parkway, Lincoln, Illinois 62656.

At present, there are 610 plots available for purchase.  The lot size is 3′x5′ at $250.00 per lot.   There are four spaces available in each lot.  Each space costs $100.00 per opening.

Forever Home Pet Cemetery is primarily for cremated remains.  Urns and granite stones will be available for purchase.  When needed there is space available to add additional plots.

All profits from the pet cemetery go to the Humane Society of Logan County as a way for the humane
society to earn income to help cover their daily expenses.

Click here to visit our store to purchase cremation Jewelry, Urns, Pet Medals and grave markers.